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Nutritional Advice

Most health concerns can be improved by fine tuning your diet. You may put food into your mouth several times a day without even thinking of how it will affect you. When you are aware of what your body requires so that it can rebuild and repair itself, this can make a big difference to how you feel. Sometimes a few new recipes or a new ingredient can help you make healthy changes to your daily meals.

Your current health status is greatly impacted by how well your digestion works to breakdown and assimilate the components of your daily meals.

What’s holding your bowels up?

New Zealand is known for having the highest rate of colon cancer in the world! The condition of our bowels influences every part of your body. Slow bowel function means toxins build up and start spreading throughout the body.

So How Can a Nutrition Session Help You?

  • Cleaner Bowel & Healthier Lifestyle

A clean bowel is essential for good health. I can help you get things moving as it’s your prime elimination channel to remove these toxins before they start to circulate in the body. I can help educate you so you can make healthier nutritional choices, giving you more health independence.

  • Better Sleep Patterns

Are you getting the sleep you need? Are you waking too often or too early?

Not getting enough sleep has been found to be one of the reasons for people putting on weight! Our body can only make repairs when you have enough sleep each night. Yes, other lifestyle habits and food can affect our sleeping too.

  • More Energy, Less Apathy

Running out of energy or do you develop headaches? Both these symptoms can come from many causes. By combining Nutrition and Iridology I can help pinpoint the root of your health concern(s) and empower you to make healthier nutritional and lifestyle changes for a better of quality life. We need to treat the digestive tract before health will return, as the health of the body comes from our digestion.

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